Lead By Example

At Mogul Academy we believe our youth can not imagine greatness unless they see it. We also believe that the great leaders of the day need to meet the leaders of the future. The connection can impact both realms and activate the change the world needs. 

Introduction to Mentoring with Jessica LaShawn


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Mentoring can be intimidating. That is why we at Mogul Academy created the 3 day Mentroing Course . The goal is to showcase what mentoring is and could be, show you that your story is what delievers the impact and lastly, give you examples of life changing results. Take this 3 day email class and learn that mentoring isn't a scary thing- it is an every day element of life. 

How We Mentor

It is NOT a service, it IS a Lifestyle

Community Mentoring

Bridge The Gap

We believe in Civic Engagement and Environmental Development. Knowing your city is key. 

Flash Mentoring

Share Your Story

Share your road to sucess with our youth that highlights legacy, leadership and money.

Corporate Mentoring

Business Insight

Host an event at your companyto introduce our youth to your industry, employees and services.