What is Serve & Scale?

Serve and Scale Mogul Academy will design a class around your industry, personal experience and more to introduce our students to who you are and what you do. By interviewing you and highlighting your why and industry insight we equip youth with powerful options. We also build websites and marketing materials to practice tech and entrepreneurial skills. 

Serve and Scale - World Changer 

This project allows Mogul Academy students to build a website and or promotional materials to raise awareness for local entrepreneurs and industry leaders. The goal of this campaign is to help our youth develop profitable tech skills. With this donation, you will be provided;
  • a website or look book
  • a business plan
  • a financial forecast
  • a social media digital asset template 
  • company bio and impact statement
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Serve and Scale - Entrepreneur Curriculum 

This donation will allow the students of Mogul Academy the opportunity to see the back end of a business and develop their technology and marketing skills.

Within this Serve and Scale option, you will be provided with;


  • A website design with content implementation (up to 5 pages total) using either Spotify, Squarespace, or Kajabi. 
  • Wix and or Wordpress will be an additional $100.00 due to an increased amount of difficulty
  • 2 promo videos to promote your new site
  • 10 custom branded images
  • and a spot in our Mogul Library to highlight you as a leader within your industry that our mentees can learn from. 
  • Listed as a Mogul Academy Corporate Partner and Donor 
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Serve and Scale - Corporate Curriculum

Join Uber, Jackson Corporate Law, Twitter and More.

What we'll create;

  • A curriculum for students to learn about your business and its impact on communities
  • Interviews to showcase the diversity of your business
  • A guide to help organizations better understand your industry to better prepare youth for partnership

 This Serve and Scale option is for a representative of the company to complete or an interview can be scheduled with the donor or the CEO in order to obtain the necessary information needed to curate a curriculum that outlines the company, its impact, and industry.

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