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Adults Need Mentors Too

adults how to mentoring May 13, 2020

I recently received an email from a dear friend asking me if I can help her find a mentor. I work with teens weekly via my nonprofit Mogul Academy pairing young people up with individuals that are doing the things the kids want to do when they grow up. My network is huge, so I have the resources and relationships to connect people. I've never been asked by an adult to pair them with a mentor- but the notion uncovered a major stigma that may have been the reason for a lack of asking.

As adults, we were raised to believe that once you grow up, you figure it all out on your own because that's what adults do. That's a drastic difference from what and how we were raised. We were raised with authority figures within every realm of our life and once the teen is dropped from your age and or you graduate from college -that leadership is gone, but we don't stop growing and learning. We, as adults still need guidance and people to make sure we are heading in the right...

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