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Success is Entertaining

Mogul Academy is an online, in-classroom and digital holistic mentoring program that strives to lessen the opportunity gap between school, home and the neighborhood through entertaining  real-world entrepreneurial experiences. We are the first and only 3D Virtual Reality Online Learning Program for Youth.

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Join Us during the month of July 2020 for 4 Sessions of Saturday School. This monthly membership includes 4 Flash Mentoring Sessions, 2 youth workshops on leadership and technology, and 2 workshops for parents dealing with business services and networking. 

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Saturday School with B Howard

Details Coming 7-1-2020

Brandon Howard, also known as B. Howard, is an American singer, record producer and songwriter. His album Genesis was released in 2010. Howard was credited as songwriter and producer on the song "I Ain't Gotta Tell You" from Ne-Yo's album In My Own Words, which topped the Billboard 200 chart in 2006. Wikipedia

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Saturday School with Chef Tina Gray

Chef Tina Gray has an unmistakable gift for bringing the spiritual side of food to the menu. With her mesmerizing approach to making sure that everything on the table is an emotional experience that aims to center you with joy, happiness and fulfillment- she has been able to navigate the culinary industry effortlessly. 

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Mogul Academy Services

At Mogul Academy we aim to serve youth holistically. That means not just them but their educators, family and community. Below you will find a list of services that ignite a cross-generational approach to empowering and engaging our future leaders of the world.

July Saturday School Live Bundle

Our Saturday School deals with life, money, tech & more with a breakdown of industries. We introduce youth to limitless possibilities, give the blueprint and  more. 

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Intro to Money Class

We live in a brand new world where an understanding of money is pivotal. Help your young people look at money in a new light that will better prepare them for wealth, legacy and  success.


Free Mogul Workbook

Want to know if your kid has the Mogul touch? Get our free workbook to walk your child through  entrepreneurship. This helps kids understand the power of being a world changer. 


For Teachers/Parents

Learn to teach young people using business skills to build leadership , financial freedom and social/emotional connections.

Change The Future

For Entrepreneurs

Use your business to give back & build community connections that grow a profitable  like, know and trust factor.

Serve and Scale

For Students

Learn during our "Saturday School" focusing on social / pop culture, core business curriculum and wealth building.

Make Dreams a Reality

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"Jessica is a game changer. The vision she has for our young people is inspiring. It is an honor to help her give back with all of her heart!"

Mogul Donor

"Where was a program like this when I was a kid? I've done some amazing things with my life but I can only imagine what would've happened if I had a Jessica LaShawn or a Mogul Academy in my corner!"

Flash Mentor

"It is amazing what Jessica is doing with these kids. The level of exposure they are getting is immeasurable. "

Flash Mentor

"To see these kids come out and want to learn about business and money lets me know that our future is in great hands."

Nick Cannon
Flash Mentor

Lets Change The Future

Mogul Academy aims to empower, educate and enlighten parents, teachers and students globally with the fundamental tools for leadership, financial freedom and entrepreneurship. Such elements are the keys to unlocking poverty, opportunity gaps and more. We use pop culture, real life and relatable examples to make learning, growing and building fun.

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