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Mentoring Through The Eye of Entrepreneurship

Mogul Academy is an online, in-classroom and digital holistic mentoring program that strives to lessen the opportunity gap between school, home and the neighborhood through entertaining  real-world entrepreneurial experiences. We are the first and only Mentoring Program partnering with Entrepreneurs & Corporations to Expose Youth to Financial Literacy, Digital Technology and Business Acumen through  Hands on  Branding and Marketing.

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Mogul Academy Services

At Mogul Academy we aim to serve youth holistically. That means not just them but their educators, family and community. Below you will find a list of services that ignite a cross-generational approach to empowering and engaging our future leaders of the world.

Get The Micro Mogul Workbook

Want to know if your kid has the Mogul touch? Get our intro workbook to walk your child through entrepreneurship. This helps kids understand the power of being a world changer. 


Mogul Home School

We believe in educating our youth with the fundamental tools that will develop their skill to thrive when opportunities arise. We teach the core subjects through the eye of entrepreneurship. 

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Intro to Money Class

We live in a brand new world where an understanding of money is pivotal. Help your young people look at money in a new light that will better prepare them for wealth, legacy and  success.


30 Day Mogul Content Plan

Are you a Mogul or Professional in need of raising awareness about your products or services online through social media? We want to help while teaching our youth profitable skills. Sign up for a "Serve & Scale."

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"Jessica is a game changer. The vision she has for our young people is inspiring. It is an honor to help her give back with all of her heart!"

Mogul Donor

"Where was a program like this when I was a kid? I've done some amazing things with my life but I can only imagine what would've happened if I had a Jessica LaShawn or a Mogul Academy in my corner!"

Flash Mentor

"It is amazing what Jessica is doing with these kids. The level of exposure they are getting is immeasurable. "

Flash Mentor

"To see these kids come out and want to learn about business and money lets me know that our future is in great hands."

Nick Cannon
Flash Mentor

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Mogul Academy aims to empower, educate and enlighten parents, teachers and students globally with the fundamental tools for leadership, financial freedom and entrepreneurship. Such elements are the keys to unlocking poverty, opportunity gaps and more. We use pop culture, real life and relatable examples to make learning, growing and building fun.

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Grab this exclusive collection of Mogul Merchandise to enhance your life and assist in funding our programs for students globally. Click the picture below of the item you'd like to buy. Each item sold helps us to afford operational costs.

Watch Our Founder Teach a Live "Intro to Entrepreneurship" Class Below

Within this workshop the students learned about entrepreneurship, how it impacts them every day and ways they can use innate entrepreneurial skills to ensure a lifetime of success.


Ways You Can Help Us Serve

“I’m so lucky and grateful that I’m able to take all these crazy ideas and actually make it into something that heals people; that may spark vision in people, that shows them to dream big, that shows them that they are limitless. It’s possible. If (I) can do it, they can do it.” – Beyoncé




Weekly Saturday School for Youth (Live and Replays)

Access to All Mogul Field Trips in Person or Digital

Access to All Mogul Academy Youth Classes and Workshops

1 Monthly One on One

Mogul Academy T-Shirt (after 2 month commitment)




Per Workshop/Webinar

90 minute Workshop Introducing Entrepreneurship to Youth 

Customized Workbook for your organization to provide students with a blueprint for understanding entrepreneurship, financial literacy, digital tech awareness and civic engagement

All students gain access to our Life Before & After College Course






Organized Field Trip to Corporate Location

Customized Curriculum About Your Company and your Impact on the local community

Flash Mentoring Sessions with Employees to showcase diversity and  Inclusion

Development of Segments Pre & Post to introduce Youth to your industry, utilized technology, overview of employment opportunities/internships etc and business model


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