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It is in the details

Mogul Academy is an individual and group learning experience that focuses on developing leaders with a heart for entrepreneurship. We utilize Flash Mentoring, STEM, and Financial Literacy to empower, engage and educate our youth holistically. Through our curriculum, we aim to  lessen the opportunity gap between school, home and the neighborhood through a real-world entrepreneurial lens.  

Our Services


Design A Support System

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Build a Mogul I.E.P.

If you are in need of help, lets create a personalized learning plan 


Start A Business

Need help branding your business and laying the foundation? Lets get you ready for the digital world!

Personal Development

Life Plan for Adults & Youth

Reverse Engineer traumatic events as a child and learn how to offer support to others in your life. 

Change The Future- Make Dreams a Reality!

Join Our Online Classroom

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We aim to change the future by equipping teachers, parents and community members with new age tools to educate, empower and engage youth in a way that better prepares them for success. Each subscription helps us to run our multiple after school programs and Saturday classes across the country.

  • This mastermind community focuses on real time social media trends, story telling that equals profits and networking systems.
  • Learn with us weekly through our "Saturday School" focusing on pop culture, our core curriculum and wealth building.
  • Learn how to teach young people about entrepreneurship, leadership , financial freedom and social connection.

It is amazing what Jessica is doing with these kids. The level of exposure they are getting is immeasurable. 

Chris Gardner of "The Pursuit of Happyness "

Flash Mentor

Where was a program like this when I was a kid? I've done some amazing things with my life but I can only imagine what would've happened if I had a Jessica LaShawn or a Mogul Academy in my corner!

Ray Lewis

Flash Mentor

Jessica is a game changer. The vision she has for our young people is inspiring. It is an honor to help her give back with all of her heart!

Steve Harvey


How We Mentor...

Saturday School

Ages 6 - 16

Join us for a two hour workshop that focuses on leadership building, flash mentoring and entrepreneurship.  

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Flash Mentoring

Ages 6 - 21

Join us for a two hour workshop focusing on a game changing entrepreneur or professional for a breakdown of business, networking, education and goals. 
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Corporate Experience

Ages 6 - 21

Join us as we tour corporate facilities. We teach students about small and big business and how it shapes a community. 
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